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Simple Toggle with CSS & jQuery

I know there are a lot of toggle tutorials out there already, but when I was learning the basics of jQuery and the toggle effect, I had a hard time finding resources on how to switch the “open” and “close” graphic state.

After reading a few tutorials and mix and matching techniques I was able to achieve this effect, but wanted to share it with those who experienced the same frustration that I had gone through.

How To Add jQuery Dynamic Go To Top Button To WordPress Blog

When the readers of a blog read the lengthy blog posts, they end up scrolling back to the top of the pages. You can reduce the efforts of your blog readers by giving them a jQuery based Scroll to top button that will smoothly take them back to the top of the page. In this way they don’t need to scroll to go back to top, just a single click and they will be back on the top of the page.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to add a Dynamic jQuery Scroll to top button on your WordPress blog..