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Best Articles to Jump into the Basics of HTML to Tumblr Themes

If you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, jumping into the HTML to Tumblr theme proces is very easy. Basically, a Tumblr theme is a single HTML page with all the different post scenarios bundled together. Tumblr is designed to be incredibly easy to use, allowing you to freely customize your Tumblr themes, from colors, to your theme‘s HTML.

Create an Extremely Simple Dark Web Design in Photoshop

This Photoshop web design tutorial will walk you through the process of making a clean, modern, dark-themed website layout from scratch. The layout features an almost pitch-black color theme with some bright, glowing elements for contrast.

An Introduction to CSS 3-D Transforms

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the second decade of the third millennium and we are still kicking around the same 2-D interface we got three decades ago. Sure, Apple debuted a few apps for OSX 10.7 that have a couple more 3-D flourishes, and Microsoft has had that Flip 3D for a while. But c’mon – 2011 is right around the corner. That’s Twenty Eleven, folks. Where is our 3-D virtual reality? By now, we should be zipping around the Metaverse on super-sonic motorbikes.

Granted, the capability of rendering complex 3-D environments has been present for years. On the web, there are already several solutions: Flash; three.js in <canvas>; and, eventually, WebGL. Finally, we meagre front-end developers have our own three-dimensional jewel: CSS 3-D transforms!

10 Practical Tips to Start a Web Design Career

Any web designer in any level of experience, must be started at some point in life as a new comer. A new comer has almost no experience in the field, and it is nothing to be ashamed of! BUT they have survived the problems of a new comer, they have contributed to web design as a whole, and are now recognized professionals!

Let us discuss the first thought processes and accompanying actions before you embark on your journey to look for your first design job. You may even be a designer with no particular web experience, but do not worry! Read on to get a few tips on what you could do to break into the web design world.

25 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating that Perfect Web Page Design

All of these tutorials cover the process of designing a modern and high-end web page within Adobe Photoshop, as with any great web design it is initially designed with a graphic editor, beginning with a blank canvas building up towards the complete page.
Below you will find 25 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating that Perfect Web Page Design.

25 logos with hidden messages

As a graphic designer, it feels great to find my customers so convinced about the power of a logo and what benefits it can earn them. However, I would say it is not just enough getting a simple logo designed for the sake of just having it. Now its time to make your logo design more exceptional and I am sure other designers will agree with me.

Yes, I want you all to ask your designers make your logo look more conceptual and clever using the graphic designing tricks. As it is said, a logo should not be a plain looking symbol…it should reflect you and your company’s personality.

The final result of a cleverly designed logo often appears to be very simple making it difficult for the customers to accept the high cost of their no-frills logo.

Therefore, I have compiled some famous logos here which will help you notice that a meaningful logo can leave an eternal impression on the customers.

I am sure it will be fun studying these below given logos and will definitely tempt you to think out of the box. Let’s see if you can figure out the hidden symbols….get started!!

How to Ajaxify Your WordPress Site

Injecting a dose of Ajax into your WordPress-powered site is an excellent way to enhance functionality and streamline the user experience. Without touching a line of code, you can harness the power of Ajax to boost performance, improve usability, and fill your site with win.

Ajax enables your web pages to respond very quickly and smoothly to user input by loading only snippets of data instead of the entire page. The WordPress login/registration screen is a perfect example. Without Ajax, logging into the WordPress Admin requires a URL redirection and complete page load. With Ajax, users can log in from anywhere with no redirection or page load required. This translates into a more luxurious, sophisticated experience for you and your users.

How To Use the “Seven Deadly Sins” to Turn Visitors into Customers

Since the beginning of time, people have exploited the human desire to sin so that they could achieve their goals. Finding out what causes people to sin helps us understand the triggers which prompt people to take an action. The Web has made it even easier to exploit these tendencies to sin, in order to build user engagement and excitement about your service or product. In this article we’ll show examples of how successful companies exploit the tendency to conduct all the famous Seven Deadly Sins, and in turn generate momentum with their website visitors. Ready? Let’s roll.

10 Tips To Build A Killer Online Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of an individual or a company’s best pieces of work. It is simply a collection of works that a possible customer will go through, and a design portfolio can make or break a business deal. The portfolio tells the customers of the design skills and expertise of the designer, and is a clear indicator of the possible outcome of a project with that particular designer.

Learn 10 essential SEO tips and tricks for getting a higher search engine ranking

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vast topic. There are whole websites and books out there devoted to the subject. The world of SEO is also constantly changing as search engines tweak their algorithms, and new search engines come and go.

However, there are some timeless SEO techniques that will always come in useful. Here are 10 top SEO tips that you can use to improve your website’s ranking on the search engines.